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The first thing to clear up is the difference between honing a kitchen knife and sharpening one. When most people at home use a "honing steel" or "butcher's steel," or that long metal rod that comes in the center of a knife block, to "sharpen" their knives The art of cooking (in many ways, it IS an art form) requires having a good quality set of knives (It's particularly important during the holidays, when you'll want to showcase your culinary-and carving-skills). Now at first glance, a poorly made knife can TODAY fans tweeted their kitchen problems to #spillthebeans, and this morning Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay shared their expert advice on-air. Check out their answers to your culinary questions below: Giada: In my opinion, what you need to look for is The extra force required to use it can lead to a severe kitchen injury. To help me eliminate this danger, I use my Abundant Chef zirconium ceramic knives and bamboo cutting boards. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then these knives come in a close For all the fancy culinary gadgets that are available to you, the keen home cook, at Christmas, nothing — and I mean nothing — is as important as a good set of knives. Ask any of the dozens of chefs I come in contact with on a regular basis, and they BuyDig cuts 20% off a selection of Victorinox Kitchen Knives via coupon code "PRIMECUT20". Plus, all orders receive free shipping. A couple best bets, with prices after coupon: See all BuyDig Coupons. Get the DealNews Select newsletter for a daily recap of .

Novelist Thomas Wolfe said, “There is no spectacle on Earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” It’s a sentiment which works both ways. Cook an amazing meal for a beautiful woman and she This photo shows a set of kitchen knives I own; they are by Dave Loukides, with the exception of the paring knife to the right, which was made by Bryan Baker. From top to bottom, I have a 9″ slicer with cocobolo, a heavy German style chef with blackwood From slicing a pork loin to dicing a pineapple, knowing how to work with knives is critical to success in the kitchen. Equipping yourself with A paring knife picks up where a chef's knife leaves off. It's best for slicing and mincing items that are Tim Baker, Stacy Henning, Shawny Martin, Erica Martin and the other forge smiths at 'Man at Arms' are back to make the finest ginsu set we've ever seen: a bunch of kitchen knife holder is just awesome. We love Ultros and think he's one of the best .

Amazing Kitchen Cart with Breakfast Bar 1500 x 1299 · 156 kB · jpeg
Amazing Kitchen Cart with Breakfast Bar

Remarkable Moore Maker Knives 755 x 560 · 30 kB · jpeg
Remarkable Moore Maker Knives

Great Shun Bob Kramer Knives 1280 x 960 · 195 kB · jpeg
Great Shun Bob Kramer Knives

Outstanding Hand Holding Knife 2304 x 2304 · 80 kB · jpeg
Outstanding Hand Holding Knife

Top Different Types of Kitchen Knives 600 x 399 · 150 kB · jpeg
Top Different Types of Kitchen Knives

Impressive Kitchen Makeovers 800 x 533 · 422 kB · jpeg
Impressive Kitchen Makeovers

Perfect Kitchen Knife Sets 4256 x 2832 · 2084 kB · jpeg
Perfect Kitchen Knife Sets

Magnificent Kitchen Knife Wood Handle 2592 x 1944 · 1173 kB · jpeg
Magnificent Kitchen Knife Wood Handle

Fabulous Best Kitchen Knives in the World 600 x 600 · 107 kB · jpeg
Fabulous Best Kitchen Knives in the World

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Stunning Best Steak Knives 2013

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Incredible Chelsea Miller Knives

Excellent maxresdefault. 1920 x 1080 · 179 kB · jpeg
Excellent maxresdefault.

Very Best Knife Blades 1078 x 1086 · 26 kB · jpeg
Very Best Knife Blades

Brilliant Old Kitchen Knife 1024 x 895 · 140 kB · jpeg
Brilliant Old Kitchen Knife

Wonderful Japanese Kitchen Knives 500 x 289 · 55 kB · jpeg
Wonderful Japanese Kitchen Knives

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